Clipper Cuts

Tapers, Blended Clipper Cut $32.00 and up
Skin Fades, Zero Fades $35.00 and up

Shear or Scissor Cuts

Dry Cuts (Hair must have been washed with in 24 hours and free from oil and dirt) $40.00 and up
Length , Layered, Texturized $45.00 and up
Razor Cuts, Texture Cuts, Specialty Cuts $50.00 and up
3B-4C Curl Pattern Cuts $55.00 and up
Custom Etching $20.00 and up


Shampoo Only $20.00
Bang Trim $10.00
Bearn Trim $10.00
Line up $10.00
Texture, Thinning, Debulking $10.00

Style and Blow Out Services

Shampoo and a Blow and Go $25.00 and up
Shampoo and a Blow and Go $25.00 and up
Shampoo, Blow out and Flat Iron $35.00 and up
Shampoo Blow out and Curl $40.00 and up

Blonding Services

Platinum Card-Includes 1 process of Teasylights, Baby Lights, back to back Foils or painting. A Gloss /Toner and Haircut or deep condition. $350.00 and up
Platinum Card Retouch (Under 1" of regrowth) Includes 1 process of Teasy lights, babylights, back to back foils or painting. Toner and haircut or deep condition $225.00 and up
Balayage/Foilayage- Includes Teasy lights, babylights or Painting, Gloss/Toner and Haircut or deep conditioner $350.00 and up
Highlights- Includes foils, gloss or toner, haircut or deep conditioner $200.00 and up
Highlight Retouch (1" regrowth or less) or T Foil application (includes 12 foils), gloss or toner and haircut or deep Condition) $150.00 and up

Blonding Addons

Color Between Foils $50.00 and up
Root Tap $20.00
Roots Smudge $30.00
Toner $35.00
Gloss $35.00

Color Services

LowLight/Colormelt-Includes foils or painting, Gloss or Conditioning Treatment and Haircut $150.00 and up
All Over Color- Painted application, haircut or deepconditioner $135.00 and up
Root retouch ( 1" or less of regroth) or T Foil (12 foils)-includes color and deepconditioner or cut $100.00 and up

Vivid/Fashion Colors

Fashion Colors 2 processes. 1st Process is prelightening, 2nd process is the application of the vivid. Multiple vivds will be upcharged with the addition of eac color. Special Care is required for these colors (salon shampoos, washing in cold water and refraining excesive sun and chlorine). These colors are not guaranteed for longevity and will continue to seep color for the duration- This can permanently discolor fabrics. $200.00 and up
Additional Vivids $15.00 per color

Color Correction

Removal/lightening or lifting of any professional and nonprofessional color. This service requires extra care and consideration. The minimum time is 3.5 hours $150.00 per hour and up


Full install- includes clarifying pretreatment, installation and takehome product Price upon consultation
6 week Maintainance-Removal, cleanse,condition and prepped for install $100.00 and up
Removal of set $75.00 and up
Extensions to add color pops $35.00 each
Remove, retape and reinstall $20.00 each
Removal $10.00 each

Texture Services

Body Wave or Braid Perm $100.00 and up
Spiral Perm or Specialty Wraps $150.00 and up
Brazillian Blowouts/Smoothing System $250.00 and up
Relaxers/Chemical Straiteners $100.00 and up