Veda Young

Veda Young has had a passion for art since she was small child, exploring all types of mediums. She has had dreams of becoming a tattoo artist since her freshman year of high school. Upon graduation, Veda took a year to travel abroad. While doing so, she learned life lessons, gained experience, and had some amazing adventures.

After coming back to the states, Veda started her apprenticeship in 2022. It didn’t take long for her to get her bearings and her talent shows in every piece she creates. Veda loves working one-on-one with her clients and take their ideas to create a permanent body art piece. Veda excels in black work, black and grey realism and oil-spill tattoos. She has not limited herself to one particular style of tattoo. Veda’s goal is to continue to branch into other tattoo forms and eventually come up with her own brand and style. Veda’s artistic style brings a unique aspect to our shop.

*All artists are subcontractors and not employees of S.W.A.T. Salon With A Twist